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Mobile and tablet apps

Aural Trainer

An award-winning aural practice application from ABRSM - now available for Grades 1-8.

Scales Trainer

Scales Trainer is an app that helps increase fluency with ABRSM scales and arpeggios requirements.

Violin Practice Partner

Violin Practice Partner is a simple way to make practising pieces for your ABRSM exam more musical, enjoyable and fun.


A practice tool that allows you to vary the speed of audio without altering the pitch.

Piano Practice Partner

Piano Practice Partner helps you by playing one hand so you can play the other as you learn.

Desktop apps

Melody Writer

A tool designed to help improve your melody writing and music theory knowledge and understanding.


On Your Marks

Watch and assess all the elements of an ABRSM graded music exam and compare notes with our Chief Examiner!


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