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TeachingAre you thinking of taking your LRSM (Instrumental/Vocal Teaching) diploma and do you need support in the following areas?

We can help with:

  • Quick Study preparation
  • Preparing for the Viva Voce
  • Written submission planning
  • Portfolio and videos of teaching
  • Repertoire awareness
  • Teaching at Grade 7 and above
  • Influences upon teaching and learning
  • International pedagogy

ABRSM’s Hong Kong and Singapore Development Executive, Bill Thomson, will provide guidance in all areas of the LRSM (Instrumental/Vocal Teaching) syllabus, providing a systematic approach to help you prepare for the LRSM Instrumental/Vocal Teaching diploma exam in 2018.

This part-time course, totalling 8 study days spaced across 2015, is specifically designed to fit with the busy working programmes of instrumental teachers across Singapore.


2015 marks the fourth year that ABRSM have run the LRSM (Instrumental/Vocal Teaching) specialist preparation and support course. Here is what some of the teachers who have attended in the past have said:

"I enjoyed my whole year with full satisfaction. The LRSM support course offers a high standard of teaching and mentoring. The programme is designed with clear musical aims and it has really made me enjoy every moment of my teaching since attending."

Kenny Theng
Piano teacher, Singapore

"The most valuable thing I learned was to get to know and see so many people pursuing their dreams and working really hard to excel to their individual limits; it was more than working on the course itself. Music is such a powerful thing that man has created."

Kevin Yeo
Classical guitar teacher, Singapore

"The LRSM preparation and support course helped me with all the Grade 8 repertoire and provided teaching and learning strategies, as well as problem solving ideas. It also helped with preparation for the Viva and I enjoyed working with my lovely peers."

Saranya Saratham
Piano and Voice teacher, Bangkok


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