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Libretto: looking to the future

3 years ago


LibrettoAs part of our mission to support music teachers and learners, we are making some changes to the way we share ideas and information.

Later this year we will be moving all articles, news stories and interviews to our website and will no longer be producing our magazine, Libretto. We will be publishing one final, celebratory print edition of Libretto in July, with no March issue this year.

New opportunities

We will be sad to see Libretto go, but we are also very excited about the new opportunities this will open up.

We’ll be able to publish a much greater variety of content, more frequently. So you’ll find features on teaching and learning at every level, from the earliest stages to the most advanced. There’ll be articles for all kinds of instrumentalists and singers with news and views from all around the world. We’ll have room for comment and ideas from teachers, performers, students, examiners and music education experts. There will also be plenty of space for regular tips and discussion on preparing for exams. And in an online environment we can link all of this to other resources, so you can listen and watch as well as read about music teaching and learning.

So even as we say goodbye to Libretto, there is much to look forward to. More information, more news, more views, more advice, more comment and more ideas, all with the aim of inspiring achievement in music.

Stay in touch and share your views

If you’d like us to keep you updated on the latest developments please fill in the form on this page. You can also use the form to tell us about any topics or areas of teaching, learning or assessment you’d like to read about in future.

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