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Have fun with scales!

3 years ago


Students believe that learning scales and arpeggios can be a chore. Our new Scales Trainer app for iOS contains everything you might need to make learning scales more fun and rewarding!

Scales Trainer is available now for Piano and Violin Grades 1 to 5.

How can Scales Trainer help me?

Scales TrainerWith Scales Trainer, you can:

  • Increase familiarity with ABRSM exam requirements and prepare effectively for exams
  • Build confidence playing scales from memory
  • Focus practice on particular keys
  • Develop a musical ear and improve technique

The app contains a variety of different exercises to help learners vary their practice sessions and stay focused. It can also be used by teachers in lessons to introduce new ways of learning.

Using Scales Trainer, students can listen to example recordings or view notation, monitor their progress by recording their practice sessions and reviewing them against example performances, or challenge themselves to a quiz of requirements they could face in an exam.

To inject fun into practice sessions, learners can ‘play with the band’ – a great way to make scales practice more musical and put the scales they’ve learnt to good use.

Speedshifter integration

Scales Trainer benefits from built-in Speedshifter technology, meaning that users can listen and play scales and arpeggios at exam tempo throughout the app, or choose to practise slowly and gradually increase the speed as their confidence improves.

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