Practical Grades in Hong Kong and Singapore this December

2 weeks ago

In December we are running a pilot, face-to-face exam session for Practical Grades in Hong Kong and Singapore. The session will last two weeks and booking opens between 25-31 October.

For this pilot session, recently trained local examiners will run and assess the exams, with remote supervision and support from our UK examiner team. This is a first step to bringing back face-to-face exams in Hong Kong and Singapore and provides a long-awaited opportunity to take a Practical Grade in these regions.  

We are offering a discount of 25% on exam fees for this session only. There are a limited number of exam slots available on a first come, first served basis.

Why local examiners?

Training local examiners to assess face-to-face exams is part of our plan to:

  • begin offering face-to-face exams regularly again;
  • increase the diversity of our examiner panel;
  • help protect the environment.

Using local examiners will reduce disruption due to Covid, with learners and teachers who prefer Practical Grade exams facing less uncertainty around exam availability. By resuming regular face-to-face exams with local examiners we can provide Practical Grades in addition to our digital Performance Grades.

Recruiting locally–based examiners allows us to work with talented musicians from many more communities. Our local examiners will all be highly qualified, experienced musicians with strong educational backgrounds and a passion for supporting local music learning. We have long planned to begin using examiners based around the world, and although interrupted by Covid, our desire to increase the diversity of our examiner panel is stronger than ever.

With local examiners we can also reduce our environmental impact, making our exams more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Using local examiners can considerably reduce the need for air travel, helping us to play our part in protecting the planet for future generations.

Exam quality and standards

All examiners, no matter where they are based, will deliver the globally renowned standard of service expected from ABRSM. For this pilot session, we have robust procedures in place to ensure we provide exams of the highest quality for candidates:

  • All local examiners will have received comprehensive training before the exams from the same team of experienced examiners who deliver all of our training.
  • Our examiner trainers in the UK will observe exams remotely via a digital device throughout the session, offering guidance and support to examiners where needed.
  • The local examiners will mark exams, however for this pilot session the UK team will check, moderate and, if necessary, amend mark forms. We will only issue results once we have completed all quality assurance processes.

Booking information

The session is for face-to-face Practical Grades (Initial Grade and Grades 1 to 8). Booking opens between 25-31 October. We are offering a 25% discount on exam fees. Please use discount code HKSG21 before submitting payment.

You can log onto your ABRSM account and book an exam when booking opens. If you are using our online service for the first time, please register and create your account first.

For local support, please contact your ABRSM representative:

Instructions for completing Practical Grade Exams in December 2021 (PDF)

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